Christopher Colyard, CEO of Chris Colyard Photography, is an expert in crafting compelling and captivating imagery. His work is characterized by a blend of creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and breathtaking aesthetics. He is based in Cross Roads, Kingston, Jamaica, but also travels across the island and internationally for shoots.

At Chris Colyard Photography, we are passionate about capturing your Executive Headshots, Wedding, Birthday Celebrations, Christmas Gatherings, and Graduation Ceremonies, against stunning backdrops while utilizing professional lighting to produce engaging, romantic, and visually stunning images. Our mission is to transform moments, emotions, and colors into artistic expressions that reflect the essence of your special occasions.

How it all started:

"I began my journey spontaneously taking photos of everything: my family, people on the street, animals, and even events that I wasn’t invited to! I drove around seeking something to shoot. Following the pursuit and capture of those photos, I would then post them online. What happened next could only be described as fate.

One day, a lady messaged me and asked if I could take pictures at her wedding. My immediate response was, "No, I have never shot a wedding before." But she replied saying, "Yes, you take great photos."

I showed up and I took photos of her wedding, posting them online. From there, another client put in the request to have her wedding photographed by me, and the rest is history. Chris Colyard Photography was born.

My advice to up-and-coming photographers is to just start shooting and work on your photography skills daily . Don’t wait on better gear, the "right" conditions or when you’re not busy. Just start shooting and always be yourself."

Meet My Team

Ronique H. | Kimlouy C.

Our Process


Client Consultation

This is a key step where we engage with clients to discuss their vision, preferences, and requirements for the project. This phase includes understanding the desired style, location, theme, and any specific requests.


Planning & Organizing

This involves meticulous preparation of equipment, scouting locations, scheduling shoots, coordinating with other professionals (such as makeup artists or event planners), and ensuring all logistical details are in place for a smooth execution.



This is where your creative vision comes to life. Managing lighting, composition, poses, Chris captures candid moments that reflect the essence of you.


Revision & Refinement

We review, edit, and retouch your images post-shoot to ensure excellence. Your feedback is valued and incorporated into our process to deliver exceptional service.

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